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The worship ministry of New Life Church

Every week, people from different backgrounds and generations join as one to engage in worship as a family at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From this place of worship, they go back to their homes, schools, and workplaces as carriers of the joy, hope, and life found in the presence of God.

Led by Jon Egan, the heartbeat of New Life Worship, the team of singers, musicians and songwriters is to help people encounter Jesus and develop a life of worship. Every song, every resource, every facet of New Life’s ministry is designed with that end in mind. Tried and tested, New Life is a strong local church with deep roots in worship, youth ministry, and missions.

With a strong crop of songwriters, songs including “I Am Free”, “Overcome”, “Great I Am”, “My Savior Lives”, “Strong God”, and “Your Name” have traveled far beyond their local faith community, finding a home in the hearts of believers around the globe.

But the key to New Life’s global outreach extends beyond its memorable song repertoire. A large part of the church’s story is grounded in its various ministries, which include the popular Desperation Band and Conferences, the Desperation Leadership Academy, Dream Centers, and the “Heartwork” orphan initiative.  All are important parts of a whole whose chief purpose is to lead people to God’s throne

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New Life Worship

New Life Worship